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3 Phase Electric Motors

III Phase, Squirrel Cage, Induction Motor
A Range of High Quality IIIPhase AC Motors
Specification Range .18kw to 15.0kw
Amb. Temp -10 to +50°c
Frame 63mm to 160mm
Body C.I. (FG 260, 25Grade), Specification as per BIS Norms
Type T.E.F.C (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled)
Insulation Class Class F
T. Box Position R.H.S. Looking From Front
Top Box
Starting Dot upto 100 Frame
6 Wire Available from 112 Frame
Direction of Rotation Bi-Directional
Leads 3 upto 100 Frame
6 Available from 112 Frame
Bearing Pre Lubricated Sealed Bearings
Power Supply 230v, 415v, 600v
50Hz, 60Hz, or Custom Specified
RPM 750, 1000, 1500, 3000 (Syu. RPM)
Mounting - Foot Mount
- 'B' Flange Mount
- 'C' Flange Mount
Shaft Single Shaft, Double Shaft or Customer Specified
Duty S1
* Two Speed Motors as Customer Specified