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Machine Labs

ELITE offers full range of electrical machine lab equipment’s. Machine labs according to syllabus of ITI’s, Polytechnic Colleges and Engineering Colleges. ELITE have manufacturing process capability to produce lab equipment’s as per DGT specification or any custom specified technical specifications. ELITE is leading manufacturer and exporter of laboratory equipment’s & Training systems. Elite has Successful  running 100 plus setups in India

List of Few Electrical Basic Machines manufactures by ELITE

- Electrical Machine Trainer
- OC and SC test on single phase Transformer
- Parallel operation of Transformers
- Speed Control of DC motor with armature control and field control
- Study of various DC Motor Starters
- SwinBurne’s test of DX Shunt Motor
- No load Characteristics of DC Generators
- Speed Control of DC Machine by ward Leonard Method
- Speed control of DC Machine by ward Leonard Method using Thyristor
- Load Characteristics of Dc Shunt, Series and Compound Motors
- No Load, Block rotor Test on Three Phase Induction Motor
- Pre Determination of EMF and MMF Method
- Speed Control and load Test of three phase Slipring Induction Motor
- Cascade System
- Angular displacement of Rotor of three Phase Synchronous Motor and Three Phase Wound Rotor Motor
- PLC Training Kit
- Cut Sectioned Running Models of Various Electrical Machine
- Various M.G Sets as per Syllabus.