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Solid Yoke DC Motors

Winding Shunt Field
Range .18KW to 5.2 KW
Frame 90S to 160M
Body - Steel
Type S.P.D.P ( Screen Protected Drip Proof)
Induction - Class F
- Class H
Armature Voltage 110V to 220V
Field Voltage 180V to 260V
Base Speed 1500 RPM
Max. Safe Speed 3000 RPM
Field Weakening Speed 1800 RPm
Field Type Shunt
Mounting - Foot Mount
- 'B' Flange Mount
- 'C' Flange Mount
Shaft - Single Shaft
- Double Shaft
or Custom Specified
Note: Also Available DC Series Field Motor .50 KW to 10 KW with various Voltage